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Yoga & ayurvedic yoga massage training retreat

1-14th May 2019, Fazendinha

Join us this May for a truly magical escape to the Portugese hills, set back from the beautiful and historical town Tavira, and 10 km from the beach Fazendinha will host our retreat. Sit by the pool and read a book or take a swim in between Yoga classes.

  • Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking

  • 30 min free nutritional consultation

  • Swimming Pool and Guided Hill Walks

  • additional massage (full body, facial, indian head, back & Shoulder)

  • beach trip inc. boat trip around the salt flats & nature reserve

  • private yoga nidra, pre bedtime (optional)


reconnect, restore & relax

Our core values on all retreats are to truly switch off, therefore we encourage a digital and toxic detox


Explore Nature

our locations are hand picked, we take time to choose the ideal destination location. somewhere you can settle, feel at ease and connect to the elements. choosing somehwere that is amongst the hills & trees is key for us. There will always be access to a swimming pool, lake or sea too! .


Organic & Local food